Message from Mr. Graham

June 5, 1999

Tomorrow morning I'll get on an airplane and fly to San Francisco, California to begin this great adventure. My family, especially my wife, Lois, knows just how much energy has already gone into this trip. Around noon tomorrow, Pacific Daylight Time, an entirely different energy will be needed, and will need to be sustained over the next 70 or so days. Part of that sustenance will come from the students, faculty, family and friends I know are behind me.

This last week has been more than hectic, with final exams, grades due, training, refining the packing list, and dealing with an unexpected flurry of media interest in the trip.

If you're logging onto this web site as a result of articles in the Earthlink 'bLink', Progress-Reporter, Suburban Life, Daily Herald or Chicago Tribune newspapers, or Chicago's WBBM television (Channel 2) news coverage, I want to welcome you into the site and encourage you to take a look at what Downers Grove North High School students have accomplished. I really think you'll enjoy yourself and maybe feel a little better about things that are going on in high schools in our country.

A personal note. On Monday, May 31, Lois and I lost a great friend, Kenn Bosgraf, to a fairly short battle with cancer. When Kenn was your friend, you knew what the word 'friend' really meant. He was the best kind of supporter, and I know his encouraging spirit will be with me on this trip. Kenn Bosgraf - 1947-1999.

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