Zephyr Tracking A Dream Across America

Kisor, Henry
Times Books, 1994
Reviewed by: Whitney

This book is about the authors journey on the California Zephyr and the stories and the people he meets and has met throughout his train riding experiences. He details his encounters with the management and the passengers from city to city. You learn that the whole train riding experience can be enjoyable. Rather than taking a car or plane as most people do you learn that taking a train can be the most rewarding of all.
I feel the best kquotes in this book are...
Just take me places fast enough to get there and slow enough to keep from wondering if I will.
Traveling by train does not, of course alter ones ultimate fate, but in that enchanted time when the rails first converge in the distance behind the train, my life and its burdens also recede into the twilight, as I am carried off to uncharted territory.
I thought this book was well written but a little tedious. For a person like myself I do not relish the detailed description of the trains dimensions or much of the "train talk" that he uses. His journey and his knowledge of trains make them seem desirable once again. It shows how warm, welcome, and enjoyable a train ride can be compared to cars and airplanes. His detailed descriptions and encounters with the passengers, the crew and the train make you want to experience it for yourself.

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