Trappers of the West

Reinfeld Fred
Thomas y. Crowell company New York 1956
Reviewed by: Daniele F.

This book speaks about the conquest of West America by mountain man, trappers and settlers.
The scenario has the particularity to be divided in many little stories and each one speaks about different arguments: first explorations, Indian life, mountain man etc. In these pages you can find good arguments and historical context, that created modern American history.
"At that time there were perhaps 60'000'000 buffalo on the Great Plains. Today there are about 5000 left in the United States."
"A new age was coming, and the mountain man had helped to usher in that new age/" I think that the book is a little heavy to read, because the reader need a good knowledge about American history; many important names and places are called in the mind of the reader during the book.
I found this book good because with the simplicity of a sane and good reading I learned something about the history of the New World.

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstar

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