Road Scholar Coast to Coast Late in the Century

by: Andrei Codrescu
Published by Hyperion 1993
Reviewed by: Chris T.

The Book Road Scholar Coast to Coast Late in the Century is about Andrei Codrescu who was born in Transylvania, Romania. He moved to New Orleans with his family when he was growing up. When he grew up he did not have a license and he was not able to do much. So he decided to take a driving course so he could get his license. After he got his license he bought a new car. It was a red å68 Cadillac convertable. After he got his car he realized that he did not know his country. So, he decided to take a road trip across the country from New York to California. All throughout his journey he met up with weird, interesting and crazy people.
He starts his trip in New York where he starts by seeing the Statue of Liberty. After the Statue of Liberty he went to visit Walt Whitmanžs grave (Walt Whitman is a dead author who Andrei admired) and then he went to visit Niagara Falls. After New York He headed to Michigan. While in Michigan he visits Motown, the Cadillac Assembly Line, and a Michigan Sausage factory. After he left Michigan he went to Illinois. While in Illinois he visited the first McDonalds and Chicagožs totem pole of cars. The he went westward toward New Mexico where he got lessons on how to shoot a gun. While he was in New Mexico he met someone who had an encounter with aliens, and he also met someone who helped him have an out-of-body experience or a reincarnation with a past life. After that he went to Las Vegas where he met "Elvis". After the city of lights he went on to California where he visited the Pink Elephant (which is an old and famous bar he read about). While there he gave a Naturalization service speech to new naturalized citizens like himself in which he told everyone how great America is and can be.
Best Quotes:
On Page 3 Andrei says "An American without a car is a sick creature, a snail that has lost its shell. Living without a car is the worst form of destitution, more shameful by far than not having a home. The only form of identification an American needs is a driveržs license." This was said before he got his license about how Americanžs really rely on their license.
On page 147 he says "...I was about to experience a past life, and death. I SAW a scribe seated in a public plaza in medieval Spain. He was writing letters for people who paid him for it--love letters, news of deals concluded." This is about his incarnation with Chris Griscom. Chris is the lady who taught Andrei about incarnation and showed him how to do it.
On page 193 Andrei says "What keeps us together is precisely the awed awareness of our differences-- and the wondrous fact we can exist in each otheržs company and even--occasionally, and, alas, too rarely--love one another." This quote is about how people love people one another. All these quotes struck me as very interesting and enjoyable.
My Opinion
In my opinion this book was pretty good. I think that it could have been better though, because in the middle of the of the book it got slow and it was not as good as the other parts. On the other hand, I really enjoyed how he joined in with the "different" people in the country. I also enjoyed when he did cool stuff like the part where he got incarnated or the part where he met the woman who met aliens, or when he met Elvis. All in all it was a pretty good book except when he did not do anything. Another thing that made this book good was the visual aid he had (he took pictures of some of the places he went to.)
Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstar

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