The Santa Fe Trail

The Santa Fe Trail is about a group of smart pioneers looking to find Santa Fe in New Mexico from there homestate, Arkansas. Many people before them were looking for the lost cities of Cibola which never really existed. It was only a myth that was told to them. Even though the book never stated that William Becknell, the captain in charge of the atajo, was looking for Cibola, I think he was. An atajo is a group of people. There were some hints in the book that he was looking for Cibola. Williarns atajo goes through many troubles. They have to be very cautious every day they travel. Santa Fe is a brokendown town with many traders looking for trade. If Becknell's atajo makes it to Santa Fe they will definately become very rich from trade. They have to keep guard at night because the Indians will attack. Some of the problems they face are Indian trading, stampeding buffalo, and misleading trails which leads to diirst. The Indian trading starts out good. Becknell's atajo is made up of smart men who know how to adventure and trade. Becknell's. key strategy to keeping all the men content was discipline. Discipline was the key to success. They had a great feast when the buffalo started to stampede. They killed a few for dinner and kept some for the next few days.

They tried to find the Camarron which was a huge lake. They stocked up on water and left to find the Camarron. This lead to thirst because they could not find it. They made it back to the there original trail only because they found a buffalo that had a lot of water in its stomach. They made it to Santa Fe with lots of goods. They traded and made lots of money. They then made it back to Arkansas where they started. People than started to make their way to Santa Fe on Becknell's traiL Furs were the best trade. Today the trail is gone. It is covered by highways and buildings. The Cammaron was also found by a later pioneer. The trail that Becknell's ataio traveled on was named the Santa Fe Trail.

The best quotes were, "Were on our way to Santa Fe." and "Hip,hip,hooray for Santa Fe!"

I thought the book was a good learning experience about America 130 years ago and the relationship we had with the Indians and Mexicans. rm usually not the one to read a book, but I liked this book. It also was a good read because it was short and to the point which made it enjoyable.

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