Road Trip - True Travel Across America

Hoegl, Andrew
St. Martins Press 1994

This book is not a novel but more along the lines of a journal or script kept while 4 collage aged people traveled across the country to promote the new Dodge Neon. Brad Gober - 21 years old, student, Cheri Barr - 24 years old, waitress, Wade Blackburn - 27 years old, fitness instructor, Eileen Chung - 20 years old, student, all of which piled into the Neon and traveled from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California. Each place the car stops at there is either a guide that joins in the dialogue or information given. There is also basic information stated such as places of interest, places to eat and accommodations, information useful to the common man if he/she were to go on a trip to one of the stops that was on this trip. There is some personal information in the dialogue that is given through out the trip but that just adds to the understanding of each persons reaction to each place that the visit and the people that they meet.

"My turn to drive - rush hour in N.Y. - I about died. I would be cruising along and all of a sudden my lane would begin to disappear. Once a bus and a cab tried to edge me out - Wade kept yelling to gas it, but looking at these cabs and busses with tons of dents and dings I realized that they don╠t care if they hit you." Eileen, personal experience that may add to whether or not you want to end up driving in rush hour in New York City.

"My pleasure. My name is Jerik. I've been here for twenty-one years, so you've come to one of the old pros. I will explain what I am doing as we go along, so you'll learn something about palmistry when we're done. Give me your right hand. There are about 12 different types of palms as far as shapes. You have craft persons hands." Just an example of a place that the car visited and how they interact with people and have conversations.

Personal Opinion
I really enjoyed reading the book. It was really interesting to learn about all the different places they went to along with all the different reactions they had. In reading the book I learned about their individual backgrounds and that helped to make the way they acted to certain things make sense. With out that background information the book wouldn╠t have made much sense. The book was fun and enjoyable and I would recommend to anyone who likes to read about other people's lives or learn about what happens in different parts of the country.

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstarstar

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