Mountain Men on the Santa Fe Trail

By: Jack Reckleed
Publication: 1992
Reviewed by: Paul.

Mountain Men on the Santa Fe Trail is about not giving up. If men had given up in the position that they were in, then there would be no more men left in the book. People make their own choices about what to do with life. Interactions between life and death can have a serious outcome on their life. People make the choices to have themselves sacrifices for their loved ones. If that is not love than I don't know what is. The first characters into play with the book are Zack Meclendon and Peck Overstreet. They are riding on a trail back to St. Louis because of the down fall of beaver trapping. They are attacked by an Indians and lead by an Indian named Blue Hawk. Peck and Zack were outnumbered but they still beat them. Meanwhile, Selazer, the main man in Mexico is disgraced with the Americans and banishes them to the desert with no water. Three guys were sent without choice or of proper trial. A guy named Bull Stanton got his feet hurt because he was wearing no shoes. The other two men left him and were latter killed by some Indians. But Bull managed to stay alive long enough to warn Zack of what is happening.
Zack and Pe ck found that they could get some money leading a wagon train. They did and got in some trouble with the Mexican police, Salazer, and the governor of Mexico, Armijo. Both men threw them in jail and got arrested. A resistance was waiting for the right time to strike back at Senor Selazer for what he was doing to the people. Zack and Peck got away along with two women who were madly in love with Zack. Their names were Magelana and Charmelita. Charmelita had a kid named Pauli. After a little bit of time, Selazer got smart and murdered a brigade of resistant that were riding in. Zack got mad and sent off after him. But before he did, he got trapped in a canyon. But Zack flushed out the 20 men that surrounded him and he went straight to Santa Fe to get even with Selazer and Armijo. He got there and got Peck, who was earlier arrested, out of the jam and got the Governor of Mexico, Armijo, to side with the resistance. Even though the resistance was outnumbered 3 to 1, they still beat the army and went on with their lives.
Out of all the quotes that I had read through, I found 2 quotes that really showed what life is about. Zack said, "Why quit now when we have the advantage. It shows that he is not the one give up easily and that everyone should also fo cllow. The next one is something that Peck had said. "People make their own choices and the choices are what makes the outcome of their life." This one shows that if you don't know what your doing, than your life will turn out dull or you could even get yourself killed.
Out of a scale of 0-4, I rate this book a 4. It is so cool. It has a lot of action and shows that people won't quite for what they believe, some of them anyway. It shows that people back in the days when the Americas were being explored that people really knew what they were doing and that all that people do now is just sit around.
Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstarstar

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