Getting There
Frontier Travel Without Power

Hilton, Suzanne

The Westminster Press, 1976
Reviewed by: Desiree

In the book "Getting There Frontier Travel Without Power" By: Suzanne Hilton, She is telling of the way it was to get from England to New America. There are many different stories in the book, all having to do with the way it was to travel in the 1700-1900's. As you read this book you get the feeling that you are really there, you feel as you are the passenger in the stage coach. You feel that you are the people in the Boat from England to New America. You get to know how the families back in the 1700-1800's felt when they had to start over again in the new world with nothing but the cloths on their back and what little they were allowed to bring on the 6 to 8 week voyage across the Pacific Ocean. The people are telling you of their everyday life, it tells you who were the people who were looked up on and who were looked down upon. For example: If a person was to travel by foot then they was looked down on, on the other hand if the person was to travel on a horse then they would be look up on. If one wanted to travel he/she had to take a stage coach where ever he/she was going, and even then there was many risks of the unknown. For example if they were to cross a poorly built bridge then there was a chance that the bridge would give way and all aboard the stage coach would go with. Another example of the dangers of traveling was the fear of running into Indians, or being dumped off in the middle of nowhere by the driver of the stage coach. If a person wanted to get a ride on the best stage coach he/she had to ride on the U.S Mail stage coach but that took longer than a regular stage coach because of all the stops in the towns. There are stories or fear, pain, sorrow, and even Joy. Learn about how your ancestors lived and went through in New America. Read about the new discoveries that came to be through the years all the way to 1962. You can feel the way the people felt when the "Flying Machine" was discovered, when the "Car," and so many more. The Independence of the U.S.A, you feel the way the people did when they learned about it. You are able to be there as these things happen.

The Best Quotes in the Book:

1. "However, there is some relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse. I have found in traveling in a stagecoach that it is often a comfort to shift one's positions and he bruised in a new place." By: Washington Irving
2. "Persons on land cannot judge what are the sensations of those at sea when meeting with a vessel and exchanging salutations." By: Ann Willson Booth

In my own feelings of the book, I believe it was a very interesting and enjoyable book to read. It is amazing how Suzanne Hilton is able to make you feel as if you are the one there. She is an incredulous writer. All the journeys, and stories are so complex, so well told you feel as if you are in the book, one of the people. The book also goes into so much detail, she tells you everything that the families were allowed to bring on the voyage to America. She goes into extreme detail of the feelings of the people you begin to share their pain of leaving there home that they have known all there lives. You feel their sadness their pain and their happiness. I would say if you want to learn about history then this is the book to read.

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstarstar

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