Foot by Foot
Through the U.S.A.

Foot by Foot Through the USA
By: Line, Winfield and Line, Francis
Published by: Wide Horizons Press, 1986
Review by: Jason

The story Foot by Foot is about two brothers, Winfield and Francis, who hiked around the whole US. touching 48 states, which was approximately a 26,741 mile hike.
They made headlines in several newpapers. They accepted rides from anyone who was willing to pick them up. On the trip they picked up odd jobs, collecting money for food and supplies. They also received a tip from two other boys, to buy something in quantity and then sell it for a price which would gain profit, and they choose to sell shoe laces. Which made them a great deal of money. As they journeyed around the US. they each kept journals of their: experiences, thoughts, landscape, about what happened each day, and about the people they meet. Then on August 3, 1923 Winfield and Francis stepped back into their house for the first time in a year and a half. Within a month of returning home they both enrolled at the University of Michigan. And they paid for the schooling with the $622.00 dollars they earned and saved over the trip.

"We'd like to, but I guess
we better not."
"People like a show"

"To one who is not getting the maximum of joy out of life we would suggest that he get interested in people."
-Winfield & Francis

I enjoyed reading this book because, it gives you the thoughts of someone else's experiences in all parts of our country. And they explain the beauty of other parts of the country with such detail you can picture it in your mind without actually seeing it. It also gives you an excellent picture of how life was so much different back in 1922.

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstar

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