Elvis Presley: From Sea to Shining Sea, Almost

by: Winegardner, Mark
Atlantic Monthly Press, 1987
Reviewed by: Megin

Elvis Presley Boulevard is about a trip that Mark Winegardner took across the United States right before his marriage as a sort of freedom ride. He took an acquaintance of his named Bob. The two had a very low budget and spent most of the trip driving around. A lot of the book talked about different people they met during their trip, the misfortune of no showers for a week, and the low food budget of about five dollars a day. They stopped in every spot important to our culture as Americans. They stopped in places like Graceland, home of the King of Rock'n'Roll, and some not so important but still amusing places like the Foam House of Tommarow in Gatlinburg. They discover that nowhere else would you be able to connect two places like Los Angeles and Gatlinburg except in American. "Give us this day our daily Elvis" was the repeated quote in the book that held the most importance. They connected every city by the amount of Elvis memoribilia. All across the country they found Elvis and learned a lot about his life.

Best Quotes:
"Give us this day our daily Elvis"
"Nowhere else in the world could you drag something across the entire country. It was then I realized it could only be in American"-This shows how they connected all the towns with the Elvis memoribilia. They dragged the connection throughout the whole trip.

I thought the book was extremely boring and very hard to read. Almost the whole first half of the book is not in chronological order and the part of it that is still jumps from one subject to another. A lot of times it will stop in the middle of a story and start to tell a whole different story. One minute he talks about what he and Bob are doing and the next he starts talking about a vacation he took with his family when he was younger. It just does not make any sense. It did have a pretty good plot but it took too long to get to that plot.
Star Rating (Out of Four):starstar

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