Daisy, Daisy

Author: Miller, Christian
Publication: Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, 1960.

Daisy, Daisy is a book about a grandmother who has always been obligated to tell her parents, children, and grandchildren where she was going and when she would be back. One day when her children and her grandchildren were all grown up she had nobody left for her to worry about telling them where she was g oing and when she would be back so she decided to take a little trip, a bicycle trip that is, across the United States.
She started out by researching about her trip and what kind of equipment she would need. First, she would need a sturdy bicycle, then some sleeping equipment, food and water. Once she was prepared she set off to achieve something on her own, something that nobody thought was a good idea. She would start off from Yorktown, Virginia and end up in Portland, Oregon. The states she went through were Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, and then home again. When she finally reached home she felt like she had accomplished something so great in her life. This one grandmother had done something to make herself feel better even though some people were against it in the beginning.

Two Quotes: 1- "I need to get away and the only way for me to do that is to get away with SUCCESS, so I'm planning to bicycle across the United States."
"This was an achievement of a lifetime!"

My opinion of the book Daisy, Daisy is very good. I thought that this book was not only interesting but also exciting to read at the same time. I thought that the book was very well written and it felt real, not like some books, but it felt like real life. It explained everything like the reader was right there with her. I liked that.

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstar

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