Travels With Charley

Steinbeck, John

Curtis Publishing: 1962
Reviewed by: Eric A.

This book is about John Steinbeck¼s real 10,000 mile tip across America. As he goes along his trip in Rocinante( His RV or motor home ) he describes the real life situations that confront him, and the interesting people he meets. Through out the book it seems like Stien beck is just trying to figure out America. Figure out what the nation is like and what all Americans have in common.

"We are a nation a new breed. Americans are much more Americans than they are northerners, southerners, westerners or easterners. It is a fact that Americans from all sections and of all racial extractions are more alike than the Welsh are like English, the Lancshireman like the Cockney."

"And here a generality concerning the growth of American cities, seemingly true of all the ones i know. When a city begins to grow and spread outward, from the edges the center which was once the glory is in a sense abandoned to time."

I thought this was an O.K. book. It was fairly easy to read and understandable, but a lot of the time he just drug the situation on and it got kinda boring.

This book gets Three stars. Though it got kind of elaborate in describing the situations sometimes, it always kept me reading.
Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstar

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