A Discovery of America
By: Hartshorn, Nick
Published By: MacMurry and Beck,Inc.
Review by: Emily B.

I believe the author is trying to interpret the many differant walks of life in America. He travels through out the United States and asks people to play catch. This simple game played by millions is a window of oppurtunity for great conversation. He talks with everyone. From you average kid to prostitutes. To bikers to gays. He talks to them all. I believe that he shows that no matter who they are they always have an interesting story to tell.
"I signaled left onto Route 9 and drove back into America." This quote basicly sums up the whole book. When he left Grand Junction Colorado he left America and begain a journy to find out who America really is. At the end of his journey he had forgotten about everyday troubles and everyday routines. When his journey was over he returned to reality and everyday life.
"Wanna play catch mister?" This quote was said by a very young boy to the author of this book. The tables were turned. The author is listening to the boy ramble on about how he is going to be a major leage baseball player and this young boy reminds him of his childhood and how children can be so care free about life.
I give this book four stars. I thought this book was very well written and composed. I liked the way he didn╝t leave out a single detail. You felt like you were there litening to the people have an intreging conversation and watching them play catch. This book is very relaxing. If you want to get lost in another world then this is the book for you.
Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstarstar

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