Canyon Solitude

McCairen, Patricia C.
Seal Press 1998
Reviewed by: Nicole S.

Body of Paper:

Canyon Solitude was about a woman who went on a solo trip down the Colorado River, which runs through the Grand Canyon. Patch, that was her nickname, went on many rating trips with groups. She lived in New York, where she worked for Air France. When she decided to go on a rafting trip with no other group, she called people that she knew to see if they would like to take the trip with her. But unfortunately no one would go with her, so she went alone. During her twenty-five day trip she would stop along the shore at different campgrounds and beaches to rest and eat dinner. Farther to into her trip she started to lose all sense of time and even what month it was. When she finally made it home, safely, she was so proud of herself. All she could say was "I did it, I did it".

Best Quotes:

"Now I am truly alone. It is the aloneness of the wilderness, starkly real and present."

"The Canyon is alive with creatures: lizards, scorpions, rattlesnakes, deer, coyotes, bighorn sheep, ringtail cats, skunks and mice."

"Magnetically the wave draws me to itself as illusion and realty blend and entwine."

"I did it!" I throw out my arms to the thronging crowds; "I did it!" The sprites dance even harder. "Yes, I did it"

My Opinion of the Book:

I thought this book was very interesting. It showed that she could go on a solo-rafting trip even though no one thought she could. Canyon Solitude is a true story. So, all of you out there that like true stories and books on adventure, this is the book for you.
Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstar

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