Bicycle Across America

Siegert, Barbara

Nilcon Fields Publishing, 1996

Review by: Elizabeth

The author of this book, Bicycle Across America, is trying to get others to understand that it is never too late to start planning a bike trip, no matter what your age is. She starts out doing small trips around her town. Then she adds a few more miles; Soon, her husband joins her on the small trips. They then start doing weeekend getaways with a few of their friends. Before they know it they are planning a cross country trip. On the trip they meet many people from all over the place. Sometimes they meet up with the same people in another state a few days after the first meeting. Then, they become lifelong friends. No matter what your age is anyone can ride their bike anywhere; You just have to set your own pace and your destination and do not stop until you get there.
This book also tells about the good things to bring with you. She tells about how there is a chance for rain, so you need to have the appropriate items. Also, what to eat. If you are camping, bring food that is freeze-dried, you just add hot water. And, what if you fall off your bike, then what? Do you stop? Keep going? When Barbara fell, she got right back up and kept on peddling. What about bad road conditions? Watch where you are going. Always be alert for any small thing to go wrong. But, no matter what happens, KEEP GOING!!

Best quotes:

"just do it"
This was their motivation throught the trip. They said that they were going on a road trip and they were not stopping until they were home.

"Anything tastes good when we are hungry."

"Closed, Come again."
This was a funny thing that happened to them, when they were hungry and thirsty, they were looking for a place to stop and once they finally found a place the sign read, "Closed, Come again."

I thought the book was good for anyone planning a cross country road trip. It gave a lot of information about how to prepare yourself, what to bring, and what to expect. It is also good for getting ideas on good places to go. It was also good just to read about a couple who rode their bikes across the county. They made it through all of their upsets, falling down, their daughter being killed, and wanting to quit. They were in the middle of their trip and when they called home they had found out that their daughter had been killed in a car accident. But, they had made a promise to finish the trip and with the support of a few of their friends they did complete their trip across the country. That takes a lot of courage to get on a bike and go out and leave your whole world behind. I give anyone who gets on a a bike and rides it across the county a lot of credit and respect. It is a wonderful book that I highly recommend!

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstarstarstar

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