Into the Badlands
Travels through Urban America

Williams, John
Flamingo publishing co. 1993
Reviewed by Vic

The book Badlands starts out with John Williams, a journalist specializing in crime fiction and music, going to America. He goes to search out all of the crime and culture that he has read in American crime authors stories that they have written. The story begins in Miami, Florida he and ends in the city of New York. In between are Southern Louisiana, New Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Missoula, Montana, Chicago, Detroit, and Boston. In all of these cities and regions, he tries to locate the crime author of that particular area. While trying to find them, he goes into the worst parts of the regions and searches for the crime and violence he has read about in the books. He also seems to search out all of the bars he can, and drinks a lot. He ends up finding the image of a country that is full of evil people and crime.

"Sick of all the baseball caps that say 'S*** Happens' and of all the gun shops and the sex shops and the bad beer and sick of really all the evil that people do, all the viciousness, and at last of being sick of it, worst, of seeing bad things not as bad but as research, as material."

"The paper reveled a level of crime more appropriate to an English local paper."

I did not particularly enjoy this book, I thought that this was a very wordy booked that described one mans search for all the bad things of America. In the book, he describes every detail of his trip in America. He also seems to think that America is a crime haven, where all people do is kill each other and do drugs. I think he is a very strange person to want to go and search for all the evil of society. He goes to many bars and drinks every day. If you want to read a very detailed book about all the wrongs of America this is a book for you, but to all others, I do not recommend it.
Star Rating (Out of Four):star

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