Along the Edge of America

Jenkins, Peter
Rutledge Hill Press 1951
Reviewed by: Dale

In this book it told how Peter Jenkins went from Dry Tortogas past the keys to the end of Miami to the Rio Grande by boat. In his trip he has a navigator with him named Warren Norville. Along the way they ran into plenty of distractions like running into a sandbar, and running into a deadly storm in Goodland, Florida. They had to fish for food. He spent nights at peoples houses such as Marker 7 Fish House. They had to sell fish at Marker 7 to make money to buy clothes and supplies to survive the rough waters of the sea. And then they made it to the Rio Grande where they were finished with the trip along the edge of America.

The two best quotes of the book are:

"A hundred miles of traveling on water, and I was ready for rest"

"I need to move a lot faster, Any day now I might be running for my life"

I thought this book was a decent book for travelers but otherwise not because you have to like boring days and nights to like the book Along the Edge of America.

Star Rating (Out of Four):starstar

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